Sunday, April 25, 2004

The Cubs are Rolling

Five in a row. That's what I like to see. The Cub's offense wasn't as explosive as in days past, but they still scored three on a home run by Sammy Sosa and a couple other timely hits by Aramis Ramirez and Ramon Martinez. That's all KW needed to tack another loss on to the Mets. The Cub's pitching staff has only allowed 4 runs in the last five days - talk about solid pitching. This is pretty amazing.

Sosa & The Big Bats

Sammy crushed a ball to left center on a day when the wind was blowing in fairly hard. That ball had no chance of staying in the park. Sammy is looking good at the plate. For some reason, he seems pretty calm up there. I suppose knowing you've got Alou, Ramirez, and Lee right behind you gets you to relax and just try to get on base. For Sammy that means he's just trying to put a solid swing on the ball and then the home runs start coming.

KW - K for Strikeout, W for Win

Kerry Wood was in great form yesterday going seven innings and striking out 9 without giving up a run. He brought his ERA down to a lean 2.60 - almost a ridiculous number for a power pitcher. Wood is really looking sharp this year. He's built off the end of last year and is looking like a very sharp pitcher, not just a very talented thrower. I think he has an excellent shot at the Cy Young award this year. If he can pitch consistently like he has this season and, given the Cubs offensive production, I think Wood has a great shot at winning 22 games.


Today we're going to see the Cubs try to sweep the fading Mets by sending Matt Clement on the mound to take on a tough Al Leiter. Clement has had good stuff over his last two starts, so hopefully he'll bring that game today. Leiter is having a great year going 1-0 with a 0.52 ERA (yes, I did type 0.52). We'll see how the Cubs can handle the southpaw - usually they don't do too well with these finesse-style lefties. I'm looking for Todd Walker to screw Leiter up.