Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Hot Bats [wrapup]

The Cubs bats are ridiculous. I hope they can keep this up this year, but I was saying that same thing last year when the Cubs pounded the Reds in an early series scoring something like 45 runs in 3 games. Then we saw the Cub’s offense cool off until Kenny Lofton and Aramis Ramirez showed up. You can’t help but be optimistic when you see the Cubs putting up 8 or 9 runs, though – especially knowing that when this rotation gets straightened out they’re going to be one awfully tough team to beat.


Derrek Lee broke out in a big way yesterday by hitting his first Wrigley Field home run as a Cub. It happened to be a grand slam too. He pretty much put the game out of reach for the Reds by tacking 4 runs on to the 3-1 lead. I’m looking for Lee to start hitting hot in the next week or so. We’ll see if he can bring the big stick to wail on the Buckos tonight.

Alez Gonzalez put up a 3 for 5 spot. He’s been hitting the ball pretty hard lately. We’ll see if he can lay off trying to pull everything and just hit the ball somewhere. He needs to take some lessons from Todd Walker. I’d really like to start getting some consistent production from SS.


The Cubs had one whirlwind series that could have ended up very demoralizing. They got the job done on game four after they blew games two and three. Game one was one of the most exciting games I’ve experienced. I had the misfortune of only being able to listen to it, but listening to Hughes and Santo isn’t ever bad either. That game was absolutely incredible. Listening to the Cubs falling behind, then catching up, and repeating this cycle for nine innings was amazing. It culminated with a big Sosa home run to right field to tie it up and a “back-to-back jack” by Moises Alou to win the whole thing. I thought Ron Santo was going to have a heart attack. What a game!


Tonight we’re going to see Carlos Zambrano take on Ryan Vogelsong. I'm looking for Zambrano to pitch another solid game. If he can put up a game like Clement pitched yesterday, we're going to be all-right.