Sunday, April 11, 2004

More Missed Opportunities

The Cubs extended their runners in scoring position hitless streak to a strong 0 for 19 (I believe) on Saturday. It's nice to see the Cubs getting guys on base and getting at bats in these situations, but seeing them struggle to get even a Texas leaguer with a guy on second is really frustrating.

Solid Pitching

Mitre 7.2 5 2 2 1 3 0 2.35

I must admit, Sergio Mitre was a big concern for me going into this game, but there was a day/night difference between the pitcher I saw Saturday and the pitcher that threw in Turner Field last year when Prior was out. If this kid can pitch like that consistently, Billy Goat might have a run for his money when Prior comes back.

Not-So-Solid Pitching

Andy Pratt had a weak outing. He came in to turn Chipper Jones around and if he couldn't get Jones, he would pitch to the left-handed J.D. Drew. Pratt couldn't find the plate again and walked the two guys he came in to get and loaded the bases.

Kyle Farnsworth came in to bail Pratt out and ended up walking a patient Andruw Jones with the bases loaded to tie the game. This really ticked me off, but the next at bat really got on my nerves. Julio Franco did something I don't think I'll ever see again. He fouled pitch after pitch off from Dr. Tightpants who was mixing and matching 100 mph fastballs with 80 mph sliders. Franco finally cleared the bases with a 3 RBI double that just missed being a grand slam in right field. This was a most excellent at bat and something to be truly appreciated, but nonetheless frustrating.

Bright Spots

-Todd Hollandsworth's power - he hit another homerun and is pasting the ball.
-Derek Lee's glove
-Sergio Mitre's arm