Thursday, April 15, 2004

Streaky Bats

The Cubs decided to hit in game two against the Pirates. Todd Walker was strong going 3 for 5 with a double and 3 RBI. Aramis Ramirez was also swinging a big stick going 3 for 4 with two big homeruns. Ramirez has been hitting the ball really hard this season and he finally got a couple out of the park. He hit a solid one off Will Cunnane down at Turner Field, but Mr. Gold Glove Jones jumped and brought the homer down.

These Cubs bats are either all out or hibernating this year. I’d like to see a little more consistency – something like 4 or 5 runs a game rather than 0 runs today, 10 runs tomorrow. I’ll take whatever I can get as long as it means the Cubs win.

Clement Solid

The Bearded Wonder pitched very solidly today posting this line:


I'm glad to see him pitch so well. I really like Clement’s stuff. He can be just downright wicked when he’s on. The problem is his control (but who doesn’t have that problem?). I’m hoping for more outings like this. We really need Clement to put up a bunch of quality starts if we want to contend again and I think this outing was a good rebound to his first and hopefully something more like what we’re going to see throughout the season.

The Rest of the Division

The Central looks pretty interesting this year. The Astros wiped out the Cardinals with a clean sweep on a fat 11-1 rout at Busch. Bagwell and Berkman popped a couple homers to make that game hurt.

Milwaukee shut out the Giants 3-0. I like the Brewers. As much as I like to whine that the Cubs being stuck in a 6-team division while the AL West gets to bask in 4-team wonder, the Brewers have been a great addition to the NL Central. The Cubs and Brewers have had some great series and I’m glad to see the Brewers playing well this year. Do I think the Brewers can win the division? No. Do I think the Brewers can finish third? Yes. We’ll have to see, but I like the Brewers chances with the Pirates, Cardinals, and the Reds.

Good Move

Andy Pratt was sent back to Triple-A where he will attempt to figure out what home plate looks like. I made some comments about his home-opener outing that I witnessed in person. This guy needs to work on some mechanics. Maybe he’ll turn out to be our Rick Ankiel and will morph into a minor league power hitter. Better yet, maybe he can fill the void Brooks Kieschnick left when we got rid of him – pitcher/pinch hitter/first baseman.

Francis Beltran filled in for Pratt in the bullpen and pitched decently. He went one inning and walked a guy and struck out a guy. I like his stuff. I haven’t had much time to watch him, but from what I saw, he definitely has the potential that everyone is talking about.


I won’t say much about him today, but he rocks! He’s very sharp out there.