Thursday, May 06, 2004

More Disappointment

Can someone please stop Steve Finley? This is just getting to be ridiculous. What is it now? 6 home runs this year against the Cubs with only 8 overall? That's great for the Cubbies - giving up homeruns to middle-aged men you aren't hitting them off any other club.

It's starting to become a trend: Kerry Wood pitching a phenomenal game only to incur zero run support and a no-decision or a loss. It truly is a terrible thing to waste great starts. And what happened to the Cubs bats we were looking at a few weeks ago? They haven't been hitting squat. Two days ago looked like 1999 again with Sosa hitting a 3-run bomb late in the game when it didn't matter anymore. I'm starting to wonder if Gary Matthews is the man for the hitting coach position. I know it's early, but look at last year. They had some decent bats in the lineup, but they just looked futile many days. They've added some serious offense this year and they're beginning to look just like they did last year.

We saw the same early spout of explosive offense last season during that monster series against the Reds. I remember thinking it was going to be different and that I was looking to see the Cubs score 5 or 6 every day. It has been deja vu all over again this season. We saw the Cubs pound in run after run against a weak team early in the year and it raised our expectations. I caught myself saying "the Cubs have great offense this year, it's going to be great". But now I'm remembering I sang that same tune early last year.

I know offense comes in streaks - even at the team level. I'm not expecting the Cubs to hit like this all year, but I'm hoping we can keep these droughts to a minimum.

My $0.02 for the Cubs hitters: maybe you should take a pitch once in a blue moon