Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Someone Help Us

The Cubs came into last night's game batting a Major League low .233 during night games - not something to be excited about. Roy Oswalt helped the Cubs maintain there prominent standing among the bottom feeders by helping hold the Cubs to a paltry 3 hits.

Oswalt did have hot stuff, but how many times have we seen this year that a struggling pitcher suits up for the Cubs and just happens to have "hot stuff"? It's becoming a strange coincidence (or no coincidence at all). Jeff Weaver was a good example. He was just plain stinking it up when the Cubs faced him a few weeks ago. He came out and just made the Cubs look silly. Randy Johnson did the same thing when he was on his skid early in the season and was lights-out against the Cubs.

Roy Oswalt had not won in seven starts, but just wait... the Cubs are in town. Hey! Oswalt got his stuff back! We need to not back off these struggling pitchers and take them seriously. So let's get some momentum back and win tonight before heading into Pittsburgh.