Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple weeks. I've been busy... more excuses... etc.

Ok, now for an entry - and a frustrating one at that. The Cubs played horrible baseball last night. Todd Walker had a stupid attempt to backflip a ball to Ramon Martinez tyring to turn an impossible double play. They ended up getting nobody out. Sammy Sosa dropped the ball three times in a single play letting a number of runners advance well past where they should have stopped. The Cubs made Jeff Weaver look like a superstar on the mound - they were getting some runners on, but they were getting eaten up by his tailing fastball. Finally, Corey Patterson continued to excel at getting himself out by swinging at terrible pitches.

To top the bad night off, Kerry Wood left the game after 2 innings with tightness in his right triceps. Dusty Baker had this to say: "It's kind of a downer right now," Baker said. "We're thinking it's more precautionary than anything." []

At first I thought this could have been an elbow thing (before they announced what the problem was), but after hearing it was triceps tightness, I was somewhat relieved. The triceps are something that usually don't turn into nagging injuries for pitchers. I think Woody might miss his next start, but I'm not looking for him to have continued problems. His velocity wasn't down at all, they just took him out as a precaution. It wasn't like he was pitching really dominant anyway. He gave up two home runs - one to Grabowski, his first career shot.

It's starting to look like the year of the injury for the Cubs, though. At the beginning of the year, I was being asked who I thought would win the NL Central. I kept on saying it was between the Cubs and Astros and the deciding factor would be injuries. When I said that, I was thinking the Astros would be the ones with the injuries, just look at their lineup - they're getting old. I didn't imagine the Cubs would be going through such a heap of injuries so early in the year. And looking at the way the Astros are playing, it's going to be pretty tough over the next few months.