Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Ben Sheets - what more can I say? Here is the current Cub roster's line vs. Ben Sheets:

That's a strikeout every 4.69 official at bats. I was hoping for some offensive output in the 8th when Vizcaino came in to pitch for Sheets who had been pinch hit for. The Cubs had a shot with Derrek Lee and runners on 1st and 2nd, but it didn't work out. Guess what Lee did? Yes, he struck out. Danny Kolb wasn't going to cut the Cubs any slack either as he shut the Cubs down (or just kept them down) for the 9th.

The Cubs are sending Prior to the hill tonight. I'm looking for a great outing from Mark. I'm feeling a high-caliber performance against these Brewers.

A Side Note

I saw the Cardinal game on Sunday against the Mariners. Just to confirm any suspicions: yes, the Cardinals cannot lose. They are passing into immortality despite their Joe Schmo rotation. I can't understand why they have been so hot for so long. It's uncanny. My brother-in-law got to see his Busch Stadium record go to 20-0. I despise this.