Saturday, January 29, 2005


Alright there Cub fans, how are things in my home town of Peoria? By the way, somebody keep me up to date on how my Central Lions are doing this season. Anyway, I am at work, thinking to myself what everyone is thinking on a nasty, late January, work day – you guessed it, I'm thinking baseball. Well, that and random thoughts of huge bass that can't get enough of the worms on my hooks, or golf balls hit straight down the middle of the fairway, or wondering whether or not my beloved Illini can finish the season undefeated - Go Illini! Seeing how this is a Cubs blog, and my good friend Chris sternly instructed me before coming on board this blog, to keep it to things a Cubs fan would be interested in, I'll stick to the thoughts of baseball.

My take on this rumored Sosa for Hairston, and two minor leaguers trade...

Jim Hendry is way too good of a GM for this kind of nonsense. What in the world is he thinking? Trade Sammy Sosa for a case of Mountain Dew? I will admit it Cubs fans, I always kinda liked Sammy. I mean after the whole 1998 season, who couldn't? Is he this big of a cancer to just give away like this? Just remember it’s losing that destroys team chemistry, and nothing helps it like winning. Keeping Sammy Sosa was the best chance for the Cubs to win this season. I seriously don't understand this move. Then to pay most of his salary anyway? If you're gonna have to pay him, you might as well keep him. What good does it do to pay him to hit 40 HR's for the O's?

I believe Jim Hendry is a great GM, and therefore I just can't believe this is it. As stated above he is too good for something like this. I would expect a move like this from Jerry Angelo, Hendry's contemporary from across town, but not from Jim Hendry. This can't be it. So I’m gonna speculate as to what he does in reaction to this move.

Remember this name Cubs fans, Aubrey Huff. Hendry turns around and deals Hairston to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Aubrey Huff. He normally plays 3rd, but he played 50 games in RF in '03, and he would fit in nicely for the Cubs. I think for a chance to get out of Tampa, he would gladly switch positions, although some might question whether a move from Tampa to the Cubs isn't jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Hey would you expect any less from a Cardinals fan than a little dig on the Cubs every once in a while?

These numbers would look nice to Cubs fans as well, .297 AVG, 29 HR, 104, .360 OBP, all in relative obscurity in Tampa. Hendry sends Hairston, and a few of those prized young pitchers in the Cubs system to Tampa for Aubrey Huff, and slides him in to RF. Then you're looking at a Sosa for Huff, and the exchange of a few minor leaguers. I'd take that if I was a Cubs fan.

As far as LF goes, forget Maggs right now. I would say to Maggs, we ain’t dealing with your crooked agent, here’s a 1 year deal, incentive laden offer, similar to Nomar's deal, take it or leave it. Bora$ is some piece of work, he refuses to let Maggs workout for anyone, yet he’s seeking a 6 to 7 year deal. Who in the world does this guy think he is? If it takes me making a deal with the devil to get Maggs, I'd give the rookie Dubois a shot. I read an article a few weeks ago about Bora$ - we’re talking about a guy who is well on his way to being disbarred in Texas for his "deceptive practices" in the A-Rod to Texas deal. Basically the point to the article, which everyone knew anyway, was that he lied to the Texas Rangers on proposed offers from Seattle and New York, and in essence had the Rangers bidding against themselves, which violates the ethics of the Texas Bar Association. When will Bud Selig do anything to better the game of baseball and revoke his agents license for Major League Baseball? I'm telling you forget Maggs. Give the rookie a shot.

All-Time Rivalry Team
Alright, I was also thinking of an all-time Cubs/Cards rivalry team, with the only requirement being players who have played for both the Cubs and Cardinals in their careers.

In the outfield we have to start with Lou Brock, but other than him I really can't think of anyone else. In the infield we got Leon "the Bull" Durham at first, Tony Womack at second, Shawon Dunston at short, Gary Gaetti at third, and Joe Girardi catching. As for our pitching staff – well, we could go with Ernie Broglio, I know he is a sore spot with Cubs fans, but the guy did 20 and 18 games the two seasons before the famed Brock for Broglio trade. We also got Rick Sutcliffe, who did make a cameo appearance for the Cards in 94 I believe (yes we were that desperate in the mid 90's). We’re kinda thin in the rotation, but who cares with this bullpen...Dennis Eckersley, Lee Smith, and Bruce Sutter. These are the names I came up with, I'm sure I have missed some classic ball players – feel free to add to them.

Anyway that’s enough for now, as Chris said look for my Kerry Wood, and Rod Beck posts in the coming weeks. Take care and Go Illini.