Thursday, February 03, 2005

It's the End of the World as We Know It...

Ok, now everybody! REM singalong! We're going to need to do something now that the Jeromy Burnitz deal has been announced. The Cubs have effectively replaced Moises Alou and Sammy Sosa with Jerry Hairston, Jr. and Jeromy Burnitz. This certainly looks to be a candidate for deal of the century.

Ok, enough hyperbole, but let's look at some phrases of interest I found in the press release announcing the Burnitz deal:

  • If the team's doing well, let's face it, fans are going to love me... Burnitz

From what I recall, Cub fans don't "love" the guy who strikes out 150 times in a season thereby stopping X amount of potential runs from advancing. It doesn't matter if the team is winning. If Burnitz isn't getting on base or driving runs in, Cub fans are going to be pulling for Burnitz to sit while someone else plays the outfield. To my knowledge, there is only one Cub that attained the status of fan favorite in spite of his terrible offensive production year-in and year-out - Mr. Augie Ojeda.

  • It makes our club more left-handed, more versatile. It gives Dusty a lot of options in the outfield. Hendry

Although I am a little sour toward this deal, Hendry is right here. I've really been looking for the Cubs to add a solid left-handed bat to the starting lineup, and while I don't think Burnitz is exactly what I was looking for (cough, cough, Carlos Beltran), he could end up filling that gap.

  • Burnitz is also known as a good clubhouse guy... And the Cubs won't have to worry about him being a part-time DJ.

As to the smashing of Sosa's boombox: remember, Grudzielanek did it.

  • No. 1, we're better already if we're healthy. Baker

I'll believe it when I see it. The only reason I can see this statement coming true is the sheer fact that the Cubs were not healthy last year.