Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Jim Hendry Target?

In my keeping up with NL Central news, I stumbled across an interesting article at The Red Reporter. Apparently, all the Red's pitchers and catchers showed up for spring training except Jose Acevedo, who has had his home phone disconnected, has no cell phone, and mentioned something about getting on a plane. The Reds have not been able to contact him.

Maybe in the Cub's desperate attempt to find some bullpen arms, they've stooped to the level of this 2004 line:

ERA: 5.94 / IP 157.7 / BB: 45 / W-L: 5-12 / HR: 30

Maybe Acevedo didn't show up to camp because he's out wining and dining with Desperate GMs (1:20PM, WGN weekdays) star Jim Hendry. On a more serious note, it looks like Hendry is still after Oriole closer Jorge Julio despite the Oriole's utter lack of interest.