Wednesday, February 09, 2005

No More Dr. Tightpants

Well, it looks like the Cubs have bid farewell to Kyle Farnsworth. The Cubs struck a deal with the Detroit Tigers sending The Farns to the Tigers for three minor leaguers - pitcher Roberto Novoa, infielder Scott Moore and outfielder Clarence "Bo" Flowers.

I will miss The Farns and his "aura". Farnsworth leaves the Cubs without a clubhouse black belt, a Paul Wilson nemesis, an unpredictable mental stability (ok, maybe the Cubs still have some of these), or 100 MPH heat.

I suppose it's time for me to be a little nostalgic:

I recall an "alleged" story about Farnsworth's broken foot a few years ago. Apparently, the day Dr. Tightpants broke his foot, he was seen punting baseballs during warmup. (Hey, no one said you had to be intelligent to play baseball)

Although The Farns was erratic, I enjoyed his presence on the Cubs and while I won't miss his bad days, I just liked watching a guy who would throw a 101 MPH fastball and then follow it up with a 75 MPH slider low and away. He could have been something incredible for the Cubs and very well still could be with the Tigers. My father always thought The Farns just partied too much and if the Cubs could get him to quit drinking and staying out late, he would be a top-tier reliever. We'll just have to see how this all washes out.