Wednesday, April 27, 2005


What's up there Cubs fans? It has been awhile since I have posted up on the here. I have been busy watching the Illini make a great run in the NCAA Tournament, only to come up a Luther Head 3-pointer short. Well and you know the normal stuff like work, and of course watching the Bears totally blow it in the NFL Draft. Cedric Benson, don't understand that one. Why do you release A-train, who was very productive when he got the chance, only to draft another running back a month later? Besides with our o-line, I think only Walter Payton himself could run successfully with that group. Makes no sense to me. I have said it before and say it again...the Bears will not win didly squat until Jerry Angelo is fired. Period.

Anyway, the baseball season is almost one month old, so I figured I would throw my two cents in the mix. Well, I will be honest, I want to talk about Carlos Zam-no-brain-o. As Crash Davis said about Nuke LaLoosh in Bull Durham, "a million dollar arm, but a five cent head." Zam-no-brain-o was ejected for the second time last night, second time in only 5 starts. That one might have cost the Cubs a game. I know he was struggling a little bit, but he was tossed and left the game in the hands of the Cubs pen. Game over.

I certainly have no problem with a guy pitching inside, heck I don't even mind a little chin music every now and then, and even would agree that there are times when it is needed to hit a member of the opposing team. Zam-no-brain-o, however has a little trouble knowing when the right time to do it is. First of all, you don't do it right after giving up a home run. Secondly, you don't do it in a close ball game, when your bullpen stinks. A more mature pitcher would have stuck whatever it was that ticked him off enough to want to drill Kearns, he would have stuck it in the back of his mind and waited until the next time he pitched against the Reds. Wait until Kearns comes up with 2 outs and no one on base. Then you drill him in the back. You don't get kicked out of the game, and you have one guy on with 2 outs.

Carlos can't and never will be considered the ace of the Cubs staff, or anyone else staff, unless he grows up. You can't keep costing your team games because you want to act like a 6 year old with a 98 MPH fastball. He has all the ability in the world to be a great pitcher for 15 years, but until he grows up, nothing but mediocre at best. Just my thoughts