Friday, April 08, 2005

More Steve Stone Controversy

WSCR The Score was broadcasting about 98% Steve Stone discussion yesterday. Steve Stone and Chip Caray appeared on the Mike North morning show to talk about the whole situation between the Cub players and the analysts last year. I think this whole situation has been blown up so big that it is utterly ridiculous. I am completely with Stone on this issue. I understand that some of Stone's comments can be chaffing from the vantage point of the player, but you've got to let him do his job. His comments have never been personal. He's criticizing how the player plays, not how he is as a person. Stone even talked about how he called Kent Mercker and Todd Walker on separate occassions and offered to work out any problems face-to-face as professionals. Neither accepted the offer.

Over the last few years, the two players who I feel would have the biggest right to complain about Stone's comments (if anyone does) would be Antonio Alfonseca and Corey Patterson. Alfonseca threw one pitch as a Cub (low and in fastball) and was utterly hated. Corey Patterson can't take a pitch and was booed terribly last year (although I'm optimistic about an improvement). Stone has had some rather chaffing comments about these two in the past. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe those two have whined to the papers.

Let Stone do his job and if Zambrano and Wood have a problem with it, let them speak up after they've had a 25 win / Cy Young season.