Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dare I Say It?

It seems Kerry Wood's effectiveness has been one of those taboo topics in Cubdom. Ever since the man struck out 20 in his rookie season, we have raised him to popish status. As of now, I'm seriously questioning Wood's effectiveness and his role as a Chicago Cub. The man obviously has mechanics problems. He left yesterday's game with another "cranky" shoulder. How long is this going to go on before we realize this isn't working?

Some people were raising the question of placing Wood in the bullpen as a closer. Would the Cubs really want to do that? Look at Wood's performance early in the game. I would not be comfortable with him coming in with a high pressure situation given his history. He takes a few innings just to settle down and nowadays he just takes a few innings until he can't pitch anymore.

A starter who can't even throw more than 50 pitches in an outing isn't doing us much good.


How about this guy? I'm a big fan of the big man. I'd love to see Dubois get more at bats. Is a pinch hit double and a pinch hit home run over the last two days enough to get Dusty Baker to let Dubois start a few games against a righty? I hope so. I think he's only going to get more solid as he gets more at bats.