Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Fabulous Over-Achievers

I did some statistical analysis this morning trying to create my own power rankings system. I've developed a fairly straight-forward simplistic system. Basically, it averages standardized values for the following statistics:

R, BA, OBP, SLG, WHIP, BA (against), OPS (against), ERA

Curiously, some of the rankings don't quite match up with each team's record. Below you'll see a ranking of over/under achievers. The Sox top the list as the team whose record ranking is much greater than their general statistical ranking. Cincinnati at the 17 spot is the first under-achieving team on the list.

Rk Team
1 Chicago Sox
2 LA Angels
3 Arizona
4 LA Dodgers
5 Atlanta
6 St. Louis
7 Texas
8 Baltimore
9 Boston
10 San Diego
11 Minnesota
12 Pittsburgh
13 Philadelphia
14 NY Mets
15 Toronto
16 Washington
17 Cincinnati
18 Oakland
19 San Francisco
20 Florida
21 Milwaukee
22 Cleveland
23 Seattle
24 NY Yankees
25 Tampa Bay
26 Houston
27 Chicago Cubs
28 Detroit
29 Colorado
30 Kansas City