Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Well, since Carlos Zam-no-brain-o is pitching tonight I must post with my prediction of what inning he gets ejected tonight. After much thought and consideration, I am gonna crawl out on a limb and predict that Dusty puts little Carlos in timeout, and he manages to stick around for the whole game. Although with the game being at night, little Carlos may have to leave eraly so his mommy doesn't get mad and ground him. She hates it when he is out past the time the street lights come on.

I think it would be intersting to compare the games when little Carlos gets tossed to when he is getting shelled. It seems every time little Carlos gives up a hit or two, let alone a run he throws a hissy fit and given the ol' umpire timeout. Now Carlos go sit in the corner and think about what you have done. So since he is pitching against the hapless Brew crew tonight I suspect he will pitch well and not get tossed. However if by chance he does give up a early run or two, lookout. It could be pacifier night at the 'ol ballpark.