Friday, May 06, 2005

LaTroy LaBlows Another!

Dusty Baker... Paging Dusty Baker... LaTroy Hawkins is a setup man and is not cut out for closing a ball game.

Given the Cub's woes lately, I'm going to have to resort to cheesy word games. Try to figure out what BS stands for in each of the following sentences:
  • Letting LaTroy close will probably result in a BS.
  • Whoever told Baker that LaTroy would make a good closer was feeding Baker a load of BS.
  • By losing their 6th game in a row, the Cubs have secured themselves a position in the middle of a BS.
  • The repeated attempts to let Hawkins close in spite of his lack of success leads me to believe that Dusty Baker was BS and sure as heck didn't receive a BS in college.
Ok, ok, it's out of my system. I like Hawkins and I'm still somewhat of a Dusty Baker fan, but the Cubs are going to have to do something to turn this around. I know it's early, but it's not looking good.