Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Where Do We Stand?

Amidst this nasty 8 out of 9 losing skid, I decided to see exactly where the Cubs stand in comparison to the rest of the NL in some key statistics.


Avg - 7
R - 11
OPS - 6
SO - 11
BB - 15

The Cubs certainly aren't walking, but surprisingly, their OPS is fairly decent. I wasn't expecting them to be 6th in the NL.


ERA - 10
WHIP - 13
K/BB - 8
K/9 - 1
BAA - 10
OPS - 12

This isn't looking good. The Cubs are again on top of the league in K, but I'd rather have a sub-4.00 ERA.

As a side note, Carlos Zambrano is currently ranked second in the majors in Pitcher Abuse Points by Baseball Prospectus. I have a theory that Zambrano's golden arm will eventually be torched through overuse. After that happens, The Tribune Company can just fire the training staff and say it was their fault.