Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Cub Fan's Trip to New York

I know this is a little late, but I've decided to post some small observations from my trip to New York to see the Cubs play the Yankees (6/17).

- You can buy pretzels and roasted nuts anywhere in the city.

- A deli sandwich in New York is larger than one in Chicago

- New York accents can possibly reach the level of thickness I experienced at the Cub/Red Sox game the week before

- New York panhandlers give up much easier than Chicago panhandlers

- Yankee fans need grammar lessons (there were numerous "Chicago Suck" chants to which we replied "It's Chicago Sucks... with an 'S'")

- I saw the most sickening sight... no, it wasn't rotting flesh (as Bob Brenly so lovingly spoke of NY last night), it was a Cub fan complete with a Ryno jersey with his 8-year old son who was sporting full Yankee paraphernalia

- You can't see much of left field from the LF upper deck (tier level)

- Hotdogs at Yankee Stadium are no good

- You can't buy (or at least can't find) a scorecard on it's own - you have to buy a $7 program

- Corey Patterson vs. Mariano Rivera doesn't work out well for the Cubs