Saturday, June 04, 2005


Ok, let me start off by saying this, and remind you this is coming from the biggest Cardinals fan alive, "as of right now, Derek Lee deserves to be the starting first baseman in the All-Star game." There I said it, he is having an amazing season, and deserves it.

Now having said the once thought unthinkable, let's put some perspective on the two. Especially motivated by Camden's last post where he says "who needs Albert Pujols when we got Derek Lee." First of all, even given Derek Lee's tremendous start to this season, if I was GM of the Cardinals and Jim Hendry called me up and wanted to trade Lee for Pujols even up, I would laugh in his face. In fact if any GM called and wanted to trade Pujols for any player in the game, I would laugh in their face. A-rod, I would stop and think for about 3 seconds, then laugh in their face.

Here's some perspective points to consider. I won't even get into career stats because there simply is no comparison. Anyone that says there is don't know jack about the game of baseball. I don't think even the biggest homer of a Cub fan would argue Lee's career stats over Pujols. So let's start with this season. Derek Lee is getting alot of headlines, as well he should, for leading the NL in all 3 triple crown stats. He, as I said earlier is having anawesome season. Even with this start, that has me asking the question "who are you and what have you done with Derek Lee?" Or better yet, when are you due for the league wide whiz quiz? Let's look at the numbers and after a blazing start for Derek Lee, and a sort of ho hum run of the mill start for Albert. Some might even say slow start for Albert. Derek Lee is a whole 7 rbi's and 4 HR's ahead of Albert. Albert is still 44 points off him in average, but I think the chances of Lee hitting .380 all year is far less likely that Albert hitting where he is at right now .335 or even higher. One decent week for Albert Pujols and he leads him in HR, and RBIS's. Albert's start is no story, he has been doing this for 5 seasons now. Lee's start however is news because for those same five seasons he has been hovering around .280-.290 and trying to get to the 100 rbi plateau. So when he comes out fast and into June is threatening to win the triple crown, thats news. However remember it was just two season ago when Albert threatened the triple crown, leading in all three well into July and early August.

As I said earlier Lee is doing awesome, if not for him this race in the NL Central would be over already but I still take Albert any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. Albert simply is the best player in the game bar none. Lee is off to a great start, no question, but let's see what the stats look like in August and September and after the season. In fact it won't surprise me one bit if Albert doesn't out do Lee in all 3 triple crown stats before the seasons end. In fact I'll guarantee it. In fact if Lee beats Pujols in AVG., HR, or RBI the next time I am home in P-town I will wear a Cubs hat to church to be laughed at by my friend and fellow poster Chris. And if Derek Lee wins the triple crown this season, well I will throw in 2 tickets for all 3 of my fellow posters on this blog to any Cubs game they want to go to. Mark it down today June 4th, you heard me say it.