Thursday, June 02, 2005


This kid actually looked pretty good. I don't like making early comparisons, but as far as his arm motion and mechanics went, he looked like Barry Zito. His face even kind of looks like Zito's. I'm not saying he's got the same stuff, but he just looks like him. Regardless of our our new pitcher's look-alike status, he pitched a decent game. Koronka put up this line in his debut win:

5.0 IP
6 H
3 R
3 ER
3 BB
4 SO
1 HR
1 balk
5.40 ERA

If you take out his rough third inning you're looking at this:

4.0 IP
3 H
0 R
0 ER
2 BB
4 SO
0 HR
0 balks
0.00 ERA

Not bad for a debut. We'll see how he holds up while he's still in the majors.

MVLee had this moniker for our horse of a first-baseman. D. Lee had a 5-5 night and propelled himself back to the top of the MLB Batting Average lead witha .380 spot. How long can this last? Let's hope all year. Who needs Albert Pujols when you have MVLee?