Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Ok is the All-Star Game an exhibition or isn't it. MLB can't have it both ways. If it counts, which I think home field advantage in the World Series counts, then we need to quit letting the fans vote. I just looked at the votes and the leading vote getter in NL is Garciaparra, ok a guy who played 2 weeks and hit .200 leads the league. Second is Scott Rolen, again a guy injured and only hit like .260 when he was in there. Other questionable votes...Larry Walker, Jim, Edmonds, Carlos Beltran (I told you Chris, this dude was not worth the money he would get paid...I wish the Cubs had signed him) over players like Bobby Abreu. Dare I say it Pujols over Lee blows as well. Lee has had the better year so far, but I don't think you could ever go wrong with my man Albert Pujols, but Lee does deserve the start to this point in the season. My point is this right now the All-Star Game is not an exhibition, homefield advantage in the World Series is a big deal, so MLB should quit treating it like an exhibition. The player at each position with the best stats should start period. Unless of course you want to do what's right and go back to making the All-Star Game what it should be, an exhibition, and do what basketball does give homefield advantage in the World Series, to the team that deserves it, the one with the better record. You can't have it both ways Bud, when will this guy just do the right thing and put a pistol in his mouth and end it all.