Monday, July 25, 2005

A Blissful Weekend

I was fortunate to see both the Cub wins this weekend in person. Beside the bonus that the Cubs squeeked out two wins, they were able to defeat the Cardinals in St. Louis. But the sweetest part of the deal for me was the joy of watching my brother-in-law experience his first Cardinal losses.

This misguided individual had the fortune of seeing 25 Cardinal wins without seeing a loss. I was present for 6 of these wins (4 were Cub games). It was all too sweet for me to be present and to see such dejection. My in-laws have all blamed this occurrence on my new Cub jersey my mother-in-law gave me before the game on Saturday. How unfortunate for them. To top it all off, my dog urinated all over a picture of Jim Edmonds at their house. My dog is learning well!