Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Dudes, I really need to get a life. I just spent the last hour breaking down the Cardinals season thus far and I have found some amazing facts.

Well I was curious about the Cardinals consistency. I was thinking about how the Cubs seem to win 4 or 5 in a row, then lose 4 or 5 in a row. So I broke down the Cardinals season thus far and found remarkable consistency. Look at these numbers.

-After 92 games the Cardinals are 60-32.
-Broken down into two 46 game segments they are 30-16 the first 46 games, and 30-16 the
second 46 games.
-Broken into thirds the Cardinals are 20-11 the first 31 games, 20-11 the second 31 games,
and 20-10 the third 31 games, (I guess this means we will lose tonight.)
-Broken into quarters (this is ridiculous), 15-8 the first quarter, 15-8 the second quarter,
15-8 the third quarter, and 15-8 the last quarter.

I know what your thinking, first who cares, and secondly dude, you do need to get a life. The second maybe true considering right now my life revolves around the Cardinals, my job, and last but certainly not least my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am just amazed by this consistency. No real losing streaks, they have lost 3 in a row only twice this season. Yet have won 4 in a row twice, 5 in a row three times, and six in a row once.

Could this consistency have anything to do with their dominance in the NL again this season. I mean I guess a team could be consistently bad. To me though it seems more productive than winning 5, losing 5, winning 4, losing 4 etc.

It took me an hour to figure all that up, yeah I really do need to get a life.