Saturday, July 23, 2005


I may be a homer, but personally I think the rivalry between the Cubs and Cardinals is the best in all of sports. Any who questions my thinking, well did you watch that game last night. That was definatley one of the best baseball games I have watched in a long time, it was made better by the fact the Cardinals won, but I like to think I would be saying the same thing if the out come were different.

I guess I am in the minority because MLB figures that most fans like to watch an "Arena" baseball game. You know a game where the fences would make any high schooler thinking long ball. I guess thats the main reason for the DH. A game featuring watered down pitching, with some pitchers that would be pumping gas in Iowa somewhere, back in the glory days of baseball. Heck watching some of these guys, has me thinking about getting my arm back in shape.

Forget all that jazz my friends, give a good old fashioned pitchers duel. A game where the outcome is riding on every pitch. A game you can watch in 2 1/2 hours. Not these ridiculous 3 1/2 hour home run derby's. Especially when these HR's are being hit (for the most part) by roided up freaks, and aided by juiced baseballs, and ballparks smaller than most high school fields.

I don't know about you guys but my fingernails are gone. I was so excited about last nights game. I posted a few days ago, how I thought that would be the game to see, and boy the Cubs and Cardinals did not disappoint, well Zambrano and Carpenter did not disappoint. An 11 inning game played in 2 1/2 hours, 2-1 final score. That my friends is a great game in my opinion. Watching Zambrano and Carpenter duel in that July St. Louis heat, both going 9 innings was priceless.

After last nights game, it is settled in my mind why the Cubs/Cards rivalry is far superior to the over rated, east coast, ESPN hyped rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees. Frankly I am so sick of the Red Sox and Yankees. The Red Sox and Yankees are like the two rich kids in high school, bickering about who's car that their daddy bought them, is tricked out more. They think so highly of themselves and just assume that the whole baseball world revolves around them, and that were all on pins and needles to see what happens next. When in reality the vast majority of baseball fans could give a crap less.

The Yankees and Red Sox has been over hyped because they are both on the media saturated east coast, and the brawls that have occured between them recently. Forget that crap, the Cubs and Cardinals is a real rivalry, a rivalry based on baseball, not which owner can out spend the other.

Great game last night, and looking forward to two more.