Monday, July 25, 2005


Start printing the "bleeping" World Series tickets Cub fans, you took two out of three in St. Louis. Thanks in part to Tony "freaking" LaRussa, with that ridiculous, joke of a line up he turned in for Saturday's game. He has this habit of just giving games away to rest players for future games and it is really starting to tick me off. You know instead of giving 1 guy a day off 1 game, then someone else the next, he seems to just rest everyone all in the same game. Against the Blue Jays, the day before Halladay was to pitch, he decided to rest Walker, Edmonds, Pujols, Grudzie, and Sanders. With the injury to Rolen that made 6 bench guys playing that day. We not only lost that game, but also lost to Halladay the next day. He did the same thing again this weekend. Only this was not the Blue Jays, this was the hated, arch rival Cubs, and he gave the game away Saturday, in hopes of resting Pujols and Walker for the next game against Prior. What doesn't make any sense is if he was gonna rest Pujols, why not in Sunday's game so he would have 2 days off in a row. Don't give me that tweaked shoulder bit, that was just an excuse to give Albert the day off at home, and not catch any grief. I know Pujols is like 0-9 in his career agaisnt Williams, but I still want Pujols in the lineup every game against the Cubs. Pick another day for crying out loud!

The first and last game went as I expected, the Cardinals winning in game 1, and the Cubs winning in game 3. The second game though really ticks me off. That's the game I thought for sure we would win. Morris against Williams. Until LaRussa decides to give Pujols the first game he has had off at Busch, in I don't know how long, maybe ever. He also decides to rest Walker, who is down to playing about 2 games a week. With the injuries to Rolen, Sanders, and Molina that made for a match up between the Cubs and the Memphis Cardinals. Way to go Tony. For future reference dude, it might be ok to do that against the Blue Jays, Red Sox, or anyone else on our schedule, but when we play the Cubs or the Astros, we play our best.

What a joke! But you still play the games and the Cubs managed to win 2 out of 3. Could be a great boost in confidence and momentum. We'll see.