Monday, July 18, 2005


Well I certainly hope my Cardinals are not like me and looking past the Brew Crew to the upcoming series between the Cubs and Cardinals in Busch Stadium. Interestingly enough, if not for the Cardinals, the Beermakers would be over .500 in in the thick of the Wild Card race. Unfortunately for them though, that don't mount up to a hill of beans. That would be like me saying "boy if it weren't for the Red Sox playing so well last year, we would be World Champs".

But since I am just a mere mortal, and can't resist the temptation to look ahead to this weekend, I will go ahead and do it. As near as I can figure the pitching match ups will go like this...A Carprnter vs. Zambrano in game 1. Morris vs. Williams in Game 2, and Suppan vs. Prior in Game 3.

Well the match up in game 1 is definately the game to see. The Cardinals have not faired to well against Zambrano thus far in his career. His 2-4 record is decieving, because according to his other stats Zambrano has pitched in some tough luck against the Cards. In fact, I was shocked to find out he is sub .500 for his career. Honestly the only time I can remember the Cardinals actually scoring a few runs off him was last year in the infamous bean ball game, right after the All-Star break.

That having been said Chris Carpenter is fastly establishing himself as the best pitcher in the NL, if not basbeall. He is the leagues first 14 game winner, and is threatening to win the pitchers version of the Triple Crown, leading in W's, he is second to Clemens with a 2.34 ERA, and his 137 K's trails only Pedro. He has 4 CG shutouts and has not allowed more than 1 run in his last 6 starts. Frankly, I look for a 2 hour, 2-1 game. Who has the 2 runs, well who knows.

The second game pitching match up of Morris vs. Williams is definately an edge to the Cardinals. However the match up in game 3 of Prior vs. Suppan definately favors the Cubs.

Well my prediction I like the Cards in game 2, and the Cubs in game 3. It is hard right now to go against Carpenter, so I think he gives up the 1 run and the Cardinals win 2-1, and take the series 2 out of 3. However, predictions don't mean didly squat and Carpenter and Zambrano could both get shelled and it could be a 10-9 game. But I think the Cards win 2 out of 3.

What do my fellow posters think? If you guys ain't scared, cowboy up and make a prediction.