Saturday, July 30, 2005


Well, I don't know if the St. Louis Cardinal players are starting to sweat, but I know one fan who is a nervous wreck. From what I have seen from this team the past week, I don't think we could beat Sister's of the Poor in a 3 game series. Maybe if it were at Busch, but I doubt it. I guess it would depend on whether or not Carpenter was pitching.

The lead which was 13.5 games just 2 weekends ago, after sweeping the Astros, is now down to 8.5. The Astros have won 12 out of their last 13 games and cut that lead by 5 games in that time span. There is serious trouble in the Lou. I am afraid my beloved Cardinals are in danger of missing the postseason altogether. Thankfully, we built a sizable advantage, but the advantage seems to get smaller and smaller every day. I fully expect the Cardinals to be out of first place by September 1st.

The fact is we are entering the toughest part of our schedule, with upcoming series against Atlanta, Florida, and the Cubs. All while the Astros are looking like the 27 Yankees. With still 11 games against the Cubs, it is not out of the question that the Cubs might catch us as well. The Cardinals are in serious trouble. Fundamentally, we look like a little league team. With the exception of Carpenter, I have absolutely no confidence in any of our starters. The bullpen which was solid early on, really killed us in the Cubs series. The bench, well they are all starting right now, so there is no bench. Well, when you give up 7 runs to the Dodgers and lose, you have issues.

The fact is, the Cardinals as they are right now are just not that good of a team. When your starting lineup consists of Mike Mahoney, Scott Seabol, John Rodriguez, and John Gall things ain't looking too good. They look even worse when you second best everyday player in the lineup is Abraham Nunez. You heard it here first, the Astros will be in first place by September 1st, and the Cubs will be nipping at the heels of the Cardinals, bank on it.

Well on a happier note I enjoyed the pictures of Chris and Bill at "Wrigley Stadium". I am glad you guys enjoyed yourselves, as much as one could enjoy themselves at Wrigley. I am glad the roof didn't cave in on top of you, or a beligerant drunk didn't barf all over your seat.

Probably the main reason I hate the Cubs so much, is not just because I am a Cardinals fan, but because of that stupid ball park. I have never shared this with the readers on this blog, but I have been to Wrigley once in my life, and will never set foot in the place ever again. I was 9, and the year was 1984. I went with my parents and my sister to a Cubs/Cards game. The Cardinals jumped out to like a 7 run lead, only to have Bruce Sutter give up a HR to Sandberg in the 9th to tie the game, and then again in the 11th to win it. I got to see Wille McGee hit for the cycle, that was about the only redeeming thing about that game. I got to witness my dad and the drunken moron behind us get nose to nose, and chest to chest before the ushers and security broke it up. Why, well this clown called my sister, who was 8 at the time, a "bitch" for rooting for the Cardinals. Naturally, this didn't sit to well with the old man, and he let the dude know it.

The fact is the vast majority (not all) but definately a majority of Cub fans go to Wrigley, not for the baseball, but just simply to go to Wrigley, and get drunk. What's the difference between Cardinal fans and Cub fans, a Cardinal fan says "lets go watch the Cardinals game", where as a Cubs fan says, "let's go to Wrigley today." They could have dancing pink elephants at Wrigley and there would still be 30,000 people sitting in that dump getting wasted. Most Cub fans know this truth to. Most importantly, the Tribune Company knows this and that's why they don't do jack to put a winning team out there. They figure we will just put an average team, and make a killing selling beer to the 30,000 people who come here just to go to Wrigley.

Lets do a case study. Some lazy afternoon go to Wrigley and wait til about the 5th inning and go out into the bleachers. I'd be willing to bet if we went up to a hundred people, we couldn't find 10 that would know anything about the game, let alone the score, without looking up at the scoreboard. Those are my thoughts on "Wrigley Stadium." I know it is probably a little controversial here on a Cubs blog, but hey I say what I think, and I think Wrigley is a dump.

True, knowledgable baseball fans go to Busch to watch a game. I have been there probably 100 times in my life and I ain't never seen any Cardinal fan call a 8 yeard old girl a "bitch" just for rooting for the other team. Of all those games, and the ones I have watched on TV or listened on the radio in my life, which must put that well into a thousand Cardinal games at Busch Stadium, I can never remeber a fan interfering with a ball in play, ala Steve Bartman. I am not saying it ain't never happened, but I don't ever remember it happening. I have seen a ball in play rolling down the line and a fan start to reach out for it, then realize it was a fair ball and then pull his hand back.

But anyway enough of my ramblings on "Wrigley Stadium", Bill and Chris, I'm glad you had fun. If you want some real fun, sometime we should go to Busch for a game. As I like to say "a bad day at the ballpark, is better than a good day at work." Or "a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work", or "a bad day on the golf course, is better than a good day at work."