Saturday, July 02, 2005

From the Red States...

Well being the wretched sinner that I am I am so thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who through His sacrifice and shed blood makes it possible for me to have eternal life, and freedom from sin. What does that have to do with baseball, you ask? Well first of all this blog and my devotion to the Cardinals are just little parts of my life, my relationship with Jesus is my life, without Him I have no life, but here is what this has to do with baseball... Jesus was a carpenter, my Savior was a carpenter. The Cardinals have been searching for an ACE pitcher for a few years. Really since Matty Mo won 20 games in '01. We now have a true ACE, and the savior of Cardinal fans, this one included, is a Carpenter. How do these numbers grab you for Chris Carpenter, 12-4 with an ERA of 2.60. He is second in the league in K's for those Cub fans overly fascinated by the strike out and the fact that most of our pitchers don't strike alot of guys out. Over his past 4 starts he has given up exactly 1 earned run. That my friends is freaking amazing. He is pitching his way into a start in the ASG, and putting his name in the mix for the CY Young. If he is healthy he as dominating as any pitcher in baseball ask Todd Helton, one of the best hitters in the game, who said this after last nights game, "a 95 mph fastball, and then he mixes in a 75 mph hook on the corner, this guys is nasty, the best I have faced this year, I was lucky to just put the ball in play." Sounds like an ACE to me. Know I just hope what Carp is doing will rub off on the rest of the staff, Mulder, and Suppan especially, who have been stinking up the place.

Anyway, Camden, my fellow poster on this blog has done an excellent job of keeping you up on all the trade mill rumors. Being a Cardinal fan I am mostly interested in what are the needs of the Cardinals and how can we fill them at the deadline, but I also keep an eye on what the Cubs are trying to do. So since Camden has done such a good job of keeping you up to date on Cub rumors, I will try my best to fill his shoes and keep you up to date on what I am hearing from Cardinal nation, for those Cub fans that may be interested.

The Cardinals clearly need help in the OF. With Walker injured and really stinking up the place, and likely retired at the end of the season. Sanders is like 2 years away from Social Security, assuming of course that Chris's boy G-Dub, doesn't totally screw up Social Security for everyone but the millionares. Although Sanders is playing awesome we still need another OF, maybe two to fill in the rest of this season, and move in and start next season. The names being mentioned on the Cardinals front are many of the same the Cubs are talking about, Dunn, Willy Mo Pena, Huff, Crawford, Floyd, Lawton, and Cameron. We also need help with another righty in the pen, and maybe another right handed bat off the bench. We are terrible against lefties this season. The biggest rumor I have heard so far is Nunez, Mabry, Anthony Reyes (are best pitching prospect and former teammate at USC with Prior, who many say was the best pitcher on that staff) and either Marquis or Suppan to the D'Rays for Huff and Baez.

Thats really the Cardinal rumor mill. I have heard some whacked out rumors like Clemens, but that is just whacked. No way the 'stros are trading us Clemens. Especially when they have trimmed 7 games of the lead in the month of June, and don't look now Cub fans but they are only 4 games behind you guys. I think this makes them buyers at the deadline, not the sellers they were a month ago.

Anyway, it appears Derrek Lee has past Pujols to be the starting first baseman in the ASG. Although I didn't vote for him because I couldn't bring myself to vote against my man Pujols, Lee deserves it. However I only voted once because I think that's all you should vote. Lee should thank like the 4 Cub fans that voted online like 20000 times each. The voting system is a joke. By the way just to update you, Albert is even with lee in rbi's and right there in hr's. As far as average Lee's has dropped about 10 points in the past week while Albert's has risen 10 points in that same week. I was looking at their numbers and I found an interesting stat...for the most part in this comparison we call the hr's and rbi's a wash for Lee and Pujols, they are pretty much equal in those two categories. As far as the 40 point difference in average how does this stat grab 79 games Pujols has 305 AB's and 104 hits, for a .341 AVG. Derrek Lee has played in 78 games, with 294 AB's and has 112 hits for a .381 AVG. A 40 point difference in average, which seems so large and insurmountable, boils down to 11 extra AB's and 8 hits. Think of that, thats amazing and why I love baseball. 8 little hits. Over the course of a season where most average around 600 AB's the difference between another stiff hitting .250 and a all-star caliber player hitting .300 is 30 base hits over the course of 162 game season, thats a hit every 5.4 games or about a hit a week. One extra hit a week and a guy goes from being sent down to AA to a 6 year 100 million dollar contract. A hit a week, a Texas league duck snort, a gracious scorekeeper, one litte ol' hit. So when you think in those terms, Lee really hasn't done that much better than Pujols. He has however done better, and really has carried his team and deserves to start in the ASG. Congratulations.