Monday, July 25, 2005


Well it looks like the decision in the off season to stick with the outfield that is like 3 weeks away from drawing Social Security is going to hurt the Cardinals. Larry Walker is going to be DL'ed any day now. We have lost Sanders until early September at the earliest. Edmonds is banged up. You combine that with injuries to Rolen, and Molina. Were in big time trouble. We still have a some what comfortable lead in the division 11 games over the hotter than hot Houston Astros, so I ain't really swating yet, but Walt Jocketty needs to make some moves.

There is serious talk now of shutting Rolen down for the rest of the season. Who knows when Yadier Molina gets back. he was supposed to be back right after the All Satr Break, then it was for the Cubs series, now who knows.

I am hearing trade rumors on the Cardinal boards of a deal with Baltimore for Melvin Mora. We send them Jason Marquis and a prospect for Mora. I guess the thinking is Mora can play third until Rolen gets back (if he gets back) and then move Mora to the outfield. I think it is pretty safe to assume Larry Walker is done for the season, and maybe for his career. The pitching staff has been keeping this thing going, so I think it would be unwise at this point to go screwing with the strength of the team.

Anyway you slice it, the Cardinal lead is safe for now, but we got some serious problems. One good thing, Cub fans can't be whining about our lack of injuries this year. I doubt there is another team in baseball who has had more injuries than us.