Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Being a die hard Bears fan, I know what you guys go through every baseball season. With Grossman hurt, yet again, were doomed to failure. Another season of 3 and out being a productive offensive drive. Hey atleast on a 3 and out they don't turn the ball over. The season ain't even started and were toast already. Oh well since I prefer to look at the positive side most of the time, I have some good news. No I didn't save a bunch of money by switching to Geico, but I did save a bunch of money on the Direct TV with the NFL Sunday ticket that I was considering buying so I could watch my football team. No point in it now, as I said I can't take another year like last season. I say to heck with it, forget Hutchinson, just throw Orton in there and take your lumps. Were screwed anyway, and 1 of two things is gonna happen, we will either find out that Orton is pretty good and we have our long lost QB of the future, or two we might just play bad enough to get a shot at drafting Matt Leinart next April. Well I guess something else could happen, Orton could get killed playing behind this miserable excuse for an offensive line. We got Kruetz, and a couple of guys that were good 10 years ago (Brown and Miller), and the very over rated Tait. Frankly I am sick of watching Grossman on the sidelines holding a clip board, and it is clear to me that he aint the answer. So go with Orton.