Monday, August 29, 2005


Well the Bible says that "what so ever a man sows, that he shall also reap", how true these words are, and proven yet again.

If you follow this blog with some sort of regularity you will recall in May, when I tragically, and shamefully attended a Cubs game at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. Even ignoring the sure sign from heaven that God was not pleased with my actions, by sitting through the 4 hour rain delay to watch the game. Going to a Cubs game when they aren't playing the Cardinals, is borderline treason for a proud member of Cardinal Nation. However, in my defense it was to please a woman. Truthfully, what guy wouldn't have done it to please a certain young lady he is interested in. I mean for years women have been dragging the man in their life through certain torture like shopping, or a ballet, or a play (not a movie guys, a play with live actors and everything), or what guy hasn't watched a movie on Lifetime to make his woman happy.

So in May I sowed, yesterday I got to reap. You see this woman who I was dating and currently am not works for Wachovia, which is a big sponsor of the Nationals I guess, because she got killer seats for free. I sowed a rain drenched Saturday of Cub baseball, and reaped a glorious day watching my beloved Cardinals. I made her promise in May when we went to the Cubs game that we could see the Cardinals as well. To be honest I had forgotten about it since we are just friends now, but she did not, and got great seats for yesterdays game. What a woman. Almost makes me want to reconsider this relationship, if only she would convert. Although the original promise was for two games, one is good enough for me.

Anyway, just wanted to give a little lesson in the Biblical principal that is sowing and reaping. So think about that the next time your wife/girlfriend drags you shopping on a Saturday afternoon, when the Illini/Bears/Cubs/Cardinals are on tv.

Well I guess Lovie Smith is indeed a reader of the Northsidereport, because I see he took our advice and named Kyle Orton the starter. I think that is clearly the best decision he could have made. Although rookie mistakes are certain, and I'm sure you will see posts here asking the question what in the @#$% is he doing? He clearly is the best QB we got at this point. He could sit over there for 3 years holding a clip board, getting Hutchinson some water, and then when he finally gets in there he is still gonna make those same mistakes that just come with learning. The way I see it Rex Glassman has only 6 more NFL starts than Orton does at this point. I'm glad Lovie agreed, throw him in there and let's see if he is any good.

Well thats about all for now, just keep in mind Cub fans, the Cardinals magic number is now down to 18.