Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Furthermore, I am screwing around trying to find out if the Bears are ever gonna get Benson to decide if he wants to play football or not, only to find out he is the last first round pick holding out. Training Camp for the Bears ends today, so he has successfully held out for the entire training camp of his rookie year, this can't sit too well with the veterans on the team.

Two things need to happen...first of all if Jerry Angelo had a hair on his back side he would take the contracts of Ronnie Brown, and Caddillac Williams and split the difference since Benson was drafted between the two. He should present this to Benson's agent and say "look here dude, this is our last, and final offer. Take it or feel free to go play for the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian league, the Arena League or wherever you can find someone that is gonna pay you this ammount of money for an unproven running back." Secondly, if Benson was the team player that he appeared to be on draft day when he was balling to Andrea Kramer, whining how he ain't Ricky Williams, then he should tell his agent to get the deal done so I can play football. Because from where I'm sitting this guy is just like Ricky Williams, greedy me first, with no emphasis on team. So maybe he should sit out a year, like Ricky, and go to Timbuktu and smoke weed until he gains about 50 pounds from the munchies.

Who in the world does this guy think he is?