Monday, August 29, 2005

It appears that Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith does read the Northsidereport. Take a look at his quote from todays press conference introducing Cedric Benson, and announcing Kyle Orton as the Bears starting QB...

"Kyle, really from the Miami game on, every time we've given him the opportunity to play, he has come in and thrown the ball real well. I THINK QUITE A FEW OF OUR FANS HAVE NOTICED THIS AS WELL, atleast from what I'm told."

Well where else could Lovie have gotten the feelings of the fans on the play of the bears QB's, right here at the Northsidereport. Ok, well maybe he got the picture hearing all the boos raining down on Chad Hutchinson Friday night in Soldier Field. But I can dream can't I. What a novel idea, someone from the Bears acknowledging the fans who support their team, and pay the salaries. I like it Lovie, you're the man.

At any rate it is refreshing to see that atleast Lovie does listen to the fans somewhat, and realizes that sometimes fans do know what they are talking about. Not to say that he made this decision based on fan input, but he atleast notices the football smarts of Bear fans. I don't get that feeling from Jerry Angelo, from him I just get the impression that he thinks he is the greatest GM since buttered popcorn, and that those around him are morons, and they should shut their piewholes, and stand in awe, in the presence of his glorious football wisdom.

Ok Lovie, maybe next week we fans can have some input on your gameplan against Washington.