Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The other day, while in an employee meeting, my boss announced to everyone that he was a Cubs fan. He then asked everyone to give their names and whether or not they were Cub fans too. Well most people didn't even care about baseball, but wanting to suck up to the boss they all said they were Cub fans. Everyone that is, but me. It came to me and I said "my name is Randy, and I am a Cardinals fan". My boss was kind of stunned at this, and asked me why I was a Cardinals fan. I said, "well sir, my daddy was a Cardinals fan, his daddy was a Cardinals fan, so I will always be a Cardinals fan too." My boss was furious, and said "well thats a stupid reason to be a Cardinals fan. If your daddy was a homo crackhead pedophile, would you be one too." "No sir", I said "then I would be a Cubs fan."