Saturday, August 27, 2005

Well, I have no proof that professional coaches and athletes read our blog, but I also have no proof that they don't either. So in case Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith follows the horthsidereport, a letter to Coach Smith...

Dear Lovie,

Listen dude, I really like you as a coach, in fact I think so highly of your coaching ability that it makes me wonder why you settled for coaching the Bears, when you could have had a job coaching in the NFL with a real NFL team.

You must understand that you are an intelligent man amongst football idiots, that is your biggest problem coaching the Bears. The man you work for is a clown, who has no business as a GM of a professional football team. In case you doubt my opinion, lets look at some of Jerry Angelo's moves since taking over the Bears in 2002 following a 13-3 playoff season. Well first he figured that Ted Washington, Roosevelt Colvin weren't good enough for the Bears. Ok, but I guess they were good enough for Bill Belichick and good enough to win 2 Super Bowl rings. Warrick Holdman, Keith Traylor, Tony Parrish, Marcus Robinson and Anthony Thomas are also gone from that team, not good enough for Jerry. He did however, replace these guys with the likes of Justin Gage, and Joe Odom.

His draft picks have left alot to be desired as well. Especially his first round picks, Marc Colombo in 2002 was his first. He then followed that fiasco with two first round busts in 2003, Michael Haynes and Rex Glassman, oops I mean Grossman. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, proof of that in 2004 when he picked Tommie Harris. I suspect it was because you told him to pick Harris. Then this year is just ridiculous. He ignored everything and everyone and went with Cedric Benson, this after releasing A-train. Even though Cedric idolizes Ricky Williams, apparently so much he plans to sit out a season to find himself and puff on that magic dragon all year. Were the first team in 20 years not to be able to sign their #1 pick, what a joke. That pick is right up there with Michael McCaskey trading our number one pick in 1996 for the Hall of Shame QB Rick Mirer. It's safe to say that you have alot going against you, most of all the organization you work for. A friend would say to get out before it's too late and you find yourself black balled as a head coach like your predecessor Dick Jauron-the-way-out. Look at your offensive coordinator, he was so desperate for a job after leaving the black hole that is the Bears and ruining the Illinois program, that he had to come back to the Bears. I guess it was either that or pumping gas in Idaho somewhere.

Amidst all that you have assembled a solid defense, with no help from your boy Jerry. A defense I believe is capable of winning. Learn from your contemporary across town. Dusty Baker, it takes a team to win, not just a solid defense, or a solid pitching staff. It takes a team. It takes smart play, effort, hustle, determination. It takes players believing in themselves, and it takes leaders.

That's why I beg of you to go with Kyle Orton as your QB. I know he is a rookie and lacks experience. But he is clearly the best QB on the team. Hutchinson may have experience, but what experience, he is experienced at telegraphing his passes and watching the defense intercept them and take them the other way for a score. He is experienced at losing confidence. Jeff Blake is about 3 years away from Social Security, as you will be if you go with him. Kittner, well he played at Illinois, what a program that has become, nothing further needs to be said about that.

Orton is clearly the best QB, and gives the Bears the best chance of winning. I can live with the occasional rookie mistake, but that's still better than watching Hutchinson make the same mistakes over and over again.

The Bears do not need Peyton Manning to win, all we need to win is someone that won't lose the game by turning the ball over. Maybe occasionally pick up a first down or two to give that defense some rest. Ben Roethlisberger was a rookie last year, and he won his first 13 starts. All while his numbers were not all that impressive. He just played for a team who had a solid defense, and a strong running game. He played smart and didn't lose games, and they were within one game of the Super Bowl.

Orton will make mistakes, but he clearly is the best QB we got, even better than Jerry's boy Glassman, oops I mean Grossman. This is your team, and the season is when you shine. Jerry had all off season to get a decent back up, he failed. You can over come that by putting the best player out there, who gives the Bears their best chance to win. Clearly Orton is that guy right now. Just throw him out there and take your chances with that running game and that defense.

Your friends at the Northsidereport