Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I love being back at home here in Peoria. Winston-Salem is a nice place, but it simply is not home. So to be home this week is trully a blessing. I am going to get to watch a Bears game with my dad for the first time in a few years. We also are going to go to the final game at Busch Stadium, next Sunday. I watched a Cardinals game tonight with the unbiased announcing of Al Hrabosky, who I love because he never fails to get a shot in on the Cubs and or their fans, and Dan McLaughlin.

Another reason I am glad to be home is to actually get some coverage on the Cardinals, and Bears. I love reading the papers from St. Louis and Chicago as well to keep up to date on what's going on. I stumbled upon this article from the Sun Times. You know, Mark Prior has all the ability in the world to become a dominant pitcher in the NL for alot of years, but I am beginning to think he really is not a very intelligent person. Listen to some of these quotes from the Sun Times today...

"We are in a unique situation in that when we are all healthy, we have three guys who probably could be number 1's for any other team."

"What's the gap between us and the Cardinals? It's a matter of staying healthy and getting a couple of key things that change the dynamics of our team. Then we'll be off and running."

Fundamentally, the Cardinals play good, and their defense is solid. But it's funny, everyone talks about their pitching staff [No. 1 in ERA in the league]. Look at thier numbers, and Carpenter is the only one. They don't have anything that's too bad, but they got middle of the road, average ERA's."

Well isn't that sweat of Mark prior to pay the team that beat his team by 20 games in the standings an off handed compliment.

"When all healthy we have three guys capable of being number 1's for any other team." Yeah Mark, that's an original argument, Cub fans and players have been beating that dead horse for 2 years now. Why can't you just compliment the Cardinals pitching staff for being solid pitchers. No you resort to the ol' "we got 3 aces, blah blah blah." Let's look at the facts, I am assuming one of those 3 is Kerry Wood, never won more than 14 games in what 8 or 9 seasons, even when healthy. Name the team he would be the ace for. I assume Carlos Zambrano is the other, and he gets ejected every other game, not ace material. Although I admit he does have that potential. I also assume he was refering to himself as the third "ace." Well Mark, before you start bashing our 4 "middle of the road ERA's", maybe you should get your ERA lower before you start running off at the mouth. Considering that of our 4 "middle of the road" guys 2 have ERA that's lower than yours, one pretty much the same, and one who's is higher.

"A matter of getting healthy and getting a couple of key things that change the dynamics of our team. Then we'll be off and running." Here we go with the injury excuses again. Have you checked the injury reports in St. Louis there Mark. "A couple of key things", yeah like GM, manager, better defensive players, better situational hitters, better baserunners, better bullpen, and starters that are atleast half as good as they and everyone thinks they are.

Mark Prior, this guy is some piece of work. He compliments our ability to do the little things to get runners in but at the same time bashing our pitching staff, and the club as a whole as not being that good. A simple congratulations for dominating us as well as the entire division yet again would suffice.

Basically what he was saying is that if the Cubs stay healthy and get a whole new team we will be better than the Cardinals. Pardon us Cardinal fans Mark, we don't particulary think that being compared to a team that finishes 20 games behind us 2 years in a row, as much of a compliment. Like I said earlier, maybe before you start running off at the mouth about some of our pitching staff, you should atleast get your ERA lower than those of the ones you bash. What a tool.