Friday, September 09, 2005


Well for those Cub fans that are not up to date on last nights action, the game in St. Louis was a perfect picture why this year the MVP, and Cy Young should go to team mates. I am not too sure when the last time this has happened, but in all rights it should happen this year in the NL. Now, I will be the first to say, it probably won't, in fact I would almost be willing to bet that neither of them get the awards they deserve. After the MVP votes of the past 4 years, especially in 2003, when Bonds beat out Albert Pujols despite a batting average 20 points lower, 40 fewer RBI's, and 20 less R, everyone knows it is a popularity contest, and the likes of ESPN are slurping the current flavor's of the month.

In case you didn't catch the highlight's it was basically a two man show for the Cardinals. carpenter pitching 7 innings of shutout ball, only being removed because it is time to start resting that arm because we got bigger fish to fry right now. Team mate Albert Pujols blasting his 38th, and 39th HR's of the season. Also raising his average to a whopping .338.

Carpenter will likely lose the Cy Young award to Roger Clemens, despite leading him in every pitching category besides ERA. I will grant the point that the CY is not just a W's stat, however it is not just an ERA title either. It is a award for the best and most complete pitcher in the NL. It is true W's are a measure of a team success for any pitcher, but I don't think they are something to just be discarded and not even considered at all. After all W's are how we keep the standings, and it is a barometer of a pitcher doing his ultimate job, and that is keeping his team in the game, long enough. Do you realize that it is likely that Carpenter will finish with twice as many W's as Clemens. Currently they are at 21 for Carp and 11 for Clemens. That's not something to just be thrown aside.

What Clemes has done as far as ERA this year is nothing short of amazing. It is legendary. However Carpenter is doing some pretty "legendary" things himself. Consider these points...Carpenter is the first pitcher since the dead ball era (1920) to go 16 consecutive starts with atleast 7 innings pitched in each start, while not allowing more than 3 ER, in any start. He is the first since Bob Gibson in 1968 to go more than 6 innings, and not allow more than 3 ER in 16 consecutive starts. Over his last 16 starts Carpenter is 13-0 with an ERA of 1.36. Winning two head to head games over Clemens, not to mention besting Oswalt, Pettitte, and AJ Burnett.

Look at the numbers Carpenter 21-4, 2.21 ERA, 29 G, 7 CG, 4 SHO, 220 IP, 168 H, 54 ER, 45 BB, 198 K's. Clemens 11-6, 1.57 ERA, 28 G, 1 CG (an 8 inning loss), 0 SHO, 189.1 IP, 124 H, 33 ER, 51 BB, 169 K's.

I think the glaring differences are in the ammount of innings pitched, CG, SHO. Carp has thrown 31 more innings and still has an ERA of 2.21.

I don't think I even need to discuss Pujols numbers, they speak for themselves. If the MVP voters vote for a guy hitting .270 then I will no longer put any credibility into the MVP. It will be a farce and a sham. However I suspect that is exactly what's going to happen. As much as ESPN is slurping Andruw Jones right now. He has 5 more HR's than Albert, and 7 more RBI's, everything else is not even close. But Andruw Jones seems to be the current flavor of the month.