Friday, September 16, 2005

Well it seems that the Cardinals have now sown up the NL Central Division title, although technically they just clinched a tie. There was a similar situation last season when we clinched a tie and had the tie breaker, but LaRussa did not let the boys celebrate until they won the next night and clinched it for real. Look for a similar situation today, hopefully. At least at some point this weekend at Wrigley Stadium.

I wonder, in the great history of the Cubs/Cards rivalry, if one has ever clinched on the other's home field. Since the Cubs history of clinching anything is rather slim, I don't ever remember them clinching anything at Busch. I can't say as I remember the Cards ever clinching at Wrigley either. Hopefully this day is coming, and hopefully it will be today.

You see Cub fans should take joy in the moment as well. It is an opportunity for you to witness a real organization, from the front office down to the players. It's a chance for you guys to witness the fruits of the hard work paying off. It's a chance for Cub fans to get to see someone celebrate in Wrigley Stadium, because there ain't been much to celebrate at Wrigley... well, since it's been built.
It might give you guys some sense of hope, that one day you too might be able to build an organization with such a winning tradition. In the great words of Jimmy Valvano, "never give up, don't ever give up."

There's always next year.

Well, it also seems that a special guest is going to take part in the festivities at Busch the final weekend of games for the old cookie cutter. Our good friend Mark McGwire. My hope is that he never sets foot in St. Louis ever again.

I have never really sounded off on Big Mac on this blog, until now. I liked McGwire as a player, but never really liked him as a person. When he signed his contract to play in St. Louis, the big deal he made over the ammount of money he donated to some abused children really rubbed me the wrong way. You see there is not much that I hate more that celebrities puffing up all the good things they do before the cameras. I despise that. That always rubbed me wrong about McGwire. Not to mention the fact that his sole job was to hit a bunch of HR's to cover up the fact that in general the Cardinals were lousy when he was here.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy watching the HR's, but we were always terrible the years he spent here.

Then his whole Congressional testimony deal was pathetic. First of all I believe McGwire used steroids, however I can't really prove that he did. Secondly, I have a little more respect for him (who at least refused to answer the questions about his steroid use) , than I do for Palmeiro (who flat out lied about them). Nevertheless, I feel McGwire as well as Palmeiro should have been forthwright with the use, and been honest about it.

To me McGwire is not a true Cardinal, and never was. I do not believe the Sammy/McGwire show of 1998 saved baseball. You see, real baseball fans always remained even after the strike of 1994. I did, in fact I went to the first game at Busch after the strike - me and like 1000 other people. They did however bring back the bandwagon fans who always run at the first sight of trouble, sort of like democrats.

McGwire should stay out of St. Louis this year, and hopefully the World Series Title will be in.