Sunday, September 11, 2005

Well, it's official, you know that post I just made about the Bears the other day, fuhgetabottit, no way were going 8-8, with what I saw today. In fact I say it's no way we will win 7 games. This offense is absolutely attrocious.

We may have added Muhsin Muhhammad, Cedric Benson, Mark Bradley, but the one thing we didn't do was rebuild our offensive line. This is without a doubt the worst offensive line in football. Case in point, driving in Redskins territory, almost in position for a field goal to take the lead, and 3 consecutive false starts, then they give up a sack. Not to mention giving up a sack on the final and decisive drive. Not only was it the lack of pass protection down the stretch, but the run blocking was pathetic as well. Thomas Jones, Cedric Benson, dare I say even the late great Sweetness would have his hands full gaining any yards with these bozos.

I want you to think back to last season and what happened with our offensive line. Look who we have added. All we did was slide the over paid "Jerry's Kid" free agent John Tait from right tackle to left tackle. Dare I ask, what in the @#$% are you doing sliding a pitiful right tackle over to the more crucial left tackle position. All done so we could make room for our only addition to the real need of this team in the off season, Fred Miller. Hardly an upgrade.

Listen, don't think I am just venting after a tough loss. I have been saying this all off season. I said before draft day we needed to upgrade the line, Jerry failed. He added Fred Miller. Usually when I think upgrade, I'm thinking younger and talented. Not older, slower and past your prime. This line is a joke.

Even in the midst of the line play I though Kyle did ok. He had the one interception, but for the most part was well like a rookie QB, making his first start, against one of the leagues better defenses. The fact of the matter is you have to score points on offense to win, and I don't care if we added Dan Marino, and Jerry Rice, with this line there is no way we will score enough points to win. It's that simple.

I am so ticked off right now, because I can see the results of this season being remarkably similar to last season. A defense that keeps us in games at the start of the year, then after the offense continually blows, that defense starts to wear down. Then after the wearing down we'll start to see the injuries again. Then it just snowballs and it looks like were once again in line for a top 5 pick for Jerry Angelo to blow on another "playmaker" on offense.


I say to hell with it, these bums are obviously no good, considering this is the same bozos we had last year. I don't know how much were paying these idiots but if it's anymore than 5$ an hour were getting screwed. Keep Olin Kruetz and flat out release the rest of these guys. Sometimes you got to just start all over from scratch.

Jerry Angelo took a 13-3 playoff team, tore it apart, and started from scratch 4 years ago. Why is it taking him so long to figure out these guys blow. Were in for a long season, what else is new.