Saturday, September 24, 2005

Well since my fellow posters seem to have went on a month long hiatus, I reckon I will have to keep the blog alive with my daily ramblings. Unfortunately, the Cardinals have gone on their annual post clinching, pre-playoff vacation. Chris Carpenter probably pissed away his shot at the CY Young last night, giving up 9 earned runs in 5 plus innings. Albert has gone on a little cold spell as well, probably losing the MVP to Andruw Jones. Although I don't think either one of them were going to win anyway, given the media, just looking for any excuse to give it their newspaper selling boys on the east coast Willis and Jones.

So since the Cardinals ain't giving me anything to talk about, and the Cubs are not giving my fellow bloggers much more, lets talk football. When I say I want to talk football, that means I want to talk about the Bears. Or maybe make fun of the likes of the Packers or Viqueens.

It seems Vegas is hopping all over the Bears bandwagon, even though they are getting 3 points at home to the Bungals. What I mean is, before the season the Bears were 6-1 odds to win the NFC North, currently they are at 8-5, the lowest in the division. If I could have just had a look at the Queens and the Pack before the season started, I might have dropped a few bucks on the Bears to win the division.

It says a lot about the sorry state of the NFC North when the Bears, I repeat the Bears, are favored to win the division. Especially the Bears with a rookie QB. Apparently Vegas doesn't seem to remember the likes of these names. I wish I, like Vegas, could forget the likes of these guys...

Bob Avelini
Henry Burris
Chris Chandler
Jack Concannon
Bobby Douglas
Vince Evans
Doug Flutie
Steve Fuller
Will Furer
Jim Harbaugh
Chad Hutchinson
Craig Krenzel
Shane Matthews
Cade McNown
Jim Miller
Rick Mirer
Moses Moreno
Mike Phipps
Jonathan Quinn
Steve Stenstrom
Kordell Stewart
Mike Tomczak
Danny Weurfel
Peter Tom Willis

Just a few of the Hall of Shamers that have manned the QB position in Chicago in the past 20 years or so. Notice I put them in alphabetical order for easy reference. I also failed to mention the likes of Rex Glassman, because well has he really played any.

Yes we have a real QB legacy in Chicago. We've got big money free agents in that group (Stewart, Miller, Chandler). We got number one draft picks (Mirer, McNown, Harbaugh), we've even traded a number one pick for a guy on this list (Rick Mirer). We got two Heisman Trophy winners (Fluite, Weurfel). We got a couple of guys that couldn't cut it in the Major Leagues (Hutchinson, Douglas). What a legacy, so forgive me if I don't hop all over the Orton bandwagon.

Which brings me to tomorrows game. Since when do the Bungals get so much hype. I guess racking up 30 points a game against the likes of the Browns and Queens entitles Chad Johnson to talk trash. Somehow I don't think that 'Peanut' Tillman is that impressed. Considering he has spent the past 2 years covering the likes of Randy Moss, now he has to listen to Chad Johnson talk trash.

I am not sure if the Bears will win tomorrow or not, but I am not too impressed with the Bungals padding the stats against the Queens. Especially not enough to have them as a favorite, on the road, in Chicago. Given all the smack that's been talked, I looked for Peanut and Mike Brown to talk last.

At least I hope.