Monday, September 12, 2005

Well since we already know that Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith is a regular reader of the Northsidereport, here's my second letter addressed to Coach Smith.

Dear Coach Smith,

As I already stated to you in my previous letter, I really like you as a Head Coach, and support you 100%. However that having been said, there are some things with your coaching style that I must give some advice on. It is with your demeanor on the sideline. When 3 of your few veteran players on your offensive line commit 3 false start penalties on 3 consecutive plays, it's time to raise hell.

Your laid back coaching philosophy on the sidelines paints us Bears fans a scary picture, a picture of your predecessors Dick Jauron, and Dave Wannstedt. Jauronstedt would sit over there and when things were going down hill and fast, they would look like they wasn't a care in the world. After the aforementioned fiasco of 3 false starts in a row, I was in a public sports bar watching the game, and screaming at the TV like a madman. Only to see a shot of you on TV like you were taking a walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon. That sir, brought back real scary memories of Jauronstedt.

I will grant you, it is not really productive to be on the other extreme either, like a Tom Coughlin, who fines players for being late, when they are actually 5 minutes early. Or often bashes them in the media. I fully understand the need of psychology in coaching, that all 53 players are different mentally so that means you act differently in getting your points across. I will say this, if it had been rookies committing 3 consecutive false starts, that's one thing. But these were 3 veterans, leaders of the unit. I think it was time to raise some hell. Cus, scream, throw a clipboard, threaten to release the whole lot of 'em.

I have never heard one player complaint of your coaching style, but if you continue in this Jauronstedt coaching style, it will get worse, we fans will start complaining. Good luck, and looking forward to seeing the improvements next week against the Lions.

You fans at the Northsidereport