Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Was it me, or did it appear that the Bears actually looked like a legitimate threat to win something this year. The defense was stifling, the offense passable, and the special teams were excellent. Now I will grant you that it was the Lions, so let's not start recording the 2005 version of the Super Bowl Shuffle.

I must admit it is hard to type this post without thinking of the "flip flop" or the "John Kerry" jokes that might be headed my way. Especially since I bashed Chris for his same reactions during a recent Cubs winning streak. Especially since it was just about this time last week that I bashed everything and anyone that has anything to do with the Chicago Bears.

I will say this though, that as bad as the Bears are, it is scary to think that after the first two games, we are the best looking team thus far. The Packer offense looks absolutely hideous, maybe even worse than ours. The Viqueens are finding the offense a little more challenging now that they can't just chuck it up and hope it is a play that Randy Moss feels like playing. The Lions, well I think Sunday's performance brought them back down to earth. Dare I say it, but I think 8-8 might win this division. In fact I think maybe even, notice I said maybe even 7-9. This division is that bad. Clearly the worst in the league.

The question is can we finish 8-8. Looking at the other 3 hags in our division, wouldn't it be great to be able to count those 6 games as 6 easy wins. The way we used to be able to do in the mid 80's. The truth is though the Bears are inconsistent because of the youth at almost every position. Besides the O-line. The thing with young players is one week they look like the greatest players in the history of the NFL, the next week were ready to release every last one of them. So I fully expect a few more games like Sunday, but I also expect a few more like last week. The question I have is, in the key divisional games, can we save those great performances for those games. The divisional games will be the key, more than usual.

So to sum it all up in just a few words...the Bears looked good, but let's not start printing the Super Bowl tickets just yet. After all it was just the Lions.