Thursday, October 13, 2005


As big a Biblical scholars as my co-blogger's Chris and Bill are, I know they are familiar with arguably the two most notable men from the Old Testament, Abraham and David. Maybe these two men are making a second appearance in the NLCS, because a David and an Abraham were 2 of the keys to the Cardinals victory last night in game 1 vs. the Astros.

For those that might not be familiar with the Old Testament or Abraham and David, here's a brief run down to shed some light on my comparison.

David of course was most known for being the little boy who slayed the mighty giant Goliath. A "man after God's own heart," he later fell morally, committing adultery and murder to cover it up. Hopefully the Cardinals David does not suffer the same baseball fate.

Abraham was the father of a great nation: Israel. He was sort of a nomad wandering around the desert moving from place to place at the command of God, finally settling down in the promised land, being blessed by God to father a great nation of people.

I bring this up because besides the obvious performances of Carpenter, Sanders, and Pujols, two other players also deserve some mention with their defense as much as their offense. Abraham Nunez and David Eckstein.

Is there any better comparison of David Eckstein from the Cardinals than with David from the Old Testament? The underachiever, the little guy, the guy most fans (including this Cardinals fan) looks at and says "no way can this guy get the job done." He's not big enough, not strong enough, his arm is not strong enough, he doesn't run fast enough, but the guy just flat out gets the job done.

After the Cardinals lost Renteria this past off season, many assumed we were gonna be worse off with David at SS. He hit better than Renteria, made half as many errors, and is arguably the best lead off hitter in baseball. All while getting paid a measely 3 million dollars compared to Renteria's 10 million. This move alone should win Walt Jocketty the GM of the Year Award.

Last night he just flat got it done. He scored 2 runs, had 2 hits, drove in a run with a two out hit, and kept the Astros from getting back into the game by turning a tough double play (with the bases loaded in the 3rd inning).

Abraham Nunez has been wandering around the baseball desert for 7 years, playing his entire career in Pittsburgh. Is there any worse place to play baseball than Pittsburgh, besides maybe Kansas City? He has finally found a home in St. Louis and is performing at a high level in the post season as he has done all year. He hit a career best .285 this season, and played a decent third base filling in for Scott Rolen. Last night was no different going 2-3, and making a great throw home to nail a runner out at the plate, protecting a 3 run lead in the 4th.

A great game last night, but as Reggie Sanders said in the post game press conference, "we have got a long way to go."