Sunday, October 16, 2005


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Well I just finished watching the most ridiculous performance of team baseball, and needless to say umpiring as well. If there was ever any doubt that FOX, in the absence of the Red Sox and Yankees, want the next best thing... a team that like the Red Sox has not been in a World Series in 90 years in the second largest media market in the country, against the former Yankee media darling Roger Clemens, and his mother’s supposed premonitions of the Astros and White Sox World Series on her death bed. I say this, Roger Clemens and the Houston Astros can kiss my big fat behind and if they had a hair on their rear-end, they would at least admit that they are the beneficiary of this fix. This Astros/Cards series is an absolute fraud.

I was 10 years old in 1985 when the Dink hosed the Cardinals out of the World Series, and I am more mildly irritated about the umpiring in this series than I was when I was 10. The umpiring in the 2005 NLCS has been an absolute joke, and this series and apparent victory for the Astros is an absolute fraud. Anyone who says any differently is a homer, and biased by their hatred for the Cardinals. Because no knowledgeable baseball fan can sit there and say the Cardinals aren't playing the Astros 9 on 15.

Let's review shall we. Game 2, 3rd inning Mark Grudzielanek fouls a ball off his foot back to the mound and thrown out at first. Grudzie asked for an appeal, LaRussa went out and asked for the same thing and both were denied. Yeah how dare a player and a manager ask for an appeal. After all, a home plate umpire can surely see in front of the batter as to whether or not the ball was fouled off his foot. How arrogant of them. The umpire was proven with irrefutable video evidence that he was wrong.

Same game, Chris Burke leads off with a double in the gap. I give him credit for trying to make a hustle play and tried to advance to third base, where he was clearly thrown out for the second out of the inning. Conveniently called safe by the same umpire that called Grudzielanek out.

Game 3 yesterday...with Burke on first Molina picks him off first base. Replay showed what I saw live that he was clearly out, and really was not that tough a call to make. Interestingly enough he was called safe by the same la secousse (pardon my french) that was behind the plate today. Same game...Nunez taps a ball down the first base line, clearly Ausmus picks the ball up in foul territory yet is called a fair ball and thrown out at first.

Then don't even get me started on today’s fiasco. This somewhat confused umpire behind the plate had no clue what the strike zone was. In the bottom of the 7th inning where the Astros scored the eventual go ahead run Berkman is given a walk on a pitch up and in. LaRussa bitches and is thrown out of the game. Not a half inning later Edmonds is thrown out of the game for arguing a strike called on him on a pitch that was higher and more inside than the pitch that my good friend Phil Cuzzi just called a ball on Berkman. He gripes, remarkably similar to the way Ausmus griped earlier in the game, and was thrown out. Oh in case you didn't know Ausmus bitched about the call and was not thrown out.

If we lose to the better team who plays better I can handle that. I have repeatedly said that about the World Series, we lost to the team that played better. This is not the case. We are being raped and porked in the brown eye on national TV and anyone who says differently is blinded by their hatred for the Cardinals. This is a complete and utter f@#$ing hose job and has been all series long. If the Cardinals manage to come back and win this series it will be the greatest accomplishment in MLB history because the fix is clearly in on this series. And we are going to have to beat he Astros and the 6 idiots the National League has umpiring this fraud they like to call the NLCS.