Monday, October 24, 2005


If any of our readers are here expecting to see the picture of me wearing the Cubs hat, you were screwed. Lest any of you think I somehow chickened out, destroyed Chris' camera, or killed Chris and buried him in the basement of my house to avoid wearing the hat, I must explain...I was not the one who screwed you guys.

As I stated in a response to Chris post, where I announced that I was a man of my word and would wear the hat, I was ready and willing yesterday when I showed up to church. Chris and I went to the Notre Dame/BYU game on Saturday and we agreed that I would wear the hat at church the next day. So when I got to church yesterday I made a bee line for Chris' office, only to find an empty office. So I did the right thing and asked around if anyone had seen Chris, where I found out he was attending the first service. So I excused myself, used the restroom, and then came back to Chris' office to find him inside.

Totally ready to humiliate myself I told him to give me the ridiculous hat. The hat was there, I was ready to do it, so what happened you ask? Well Chris screwed you guys because he forgot his camera. I felt this was not my problem and we discussed this and Chris wanted to wait until next Sunday. So against my better judgement I reluctantly agreed to wait, even though I was clearly ready, the hat was there, everything was in order except for Chris and his digital camera. So I expressed great humility and will wait until next Sunday.

However, I must say this Sunday is it, if Chris forgets again, I will wear the hat and there will be no picture for you guys to enjoy. So if that happens you can thank Chris for that.