Thursday, October 27, 2005


Well the 2005 season is officially over and congratulations to the White Sox and their "real" fans, I'm sure both of you are happy. Screw the rest of you so called White Sox fans that jumped on the bandwagon. I saw last week on Sportscenter last week they had the Top 10 plays of the White Sox season, and one of the plays was from the first week of the season at the Cell and the announcers made mention of the fact that there was like 10 people there. It must not have been "Bring Your Dog to the Park Day." I congratulate those fans. You see there ain't too much that I hate more than bandwagon fans, and it is clear from watching the Sox the past few years and comparing them to this season, there are bandwagon fans aplenty for White Sox "Nation." Pick a team and stick with them, win or lose. In my opinion a bandwagon fan is nothing more than a prostitute selling themselves on the street corner for any Tom, Dick, and Harry that comes along.

So with that being said, on to the point of my post. I see that Chris' boy Bud Selig stepped in and exerted his power over the game I love and made the Astros open the roof of the Juice Box for the World Series. Ata boy Bud, you worthless piece of trash, way to step in. Now why don't you step in and exert that same power and put a real stop to the rampant steroid problem?

You see Bud Selig is ruining the game I love. Let's review what has happened to our game under his power...a strike canceled the season and the World Series in 1994. The instituting of the Wild Card system, and Interleague play. Steroids have destroyed the games most cherished records. Players salaries have made it practically impossible for a guy to take his family to the ballpark. I mean where else can you go to pay $4.50 for a bottle of water. He has made the winner of the All Star game get homefield advantage for the World Series - not like it should go to the team with the best record or anything. Teams are holding the cities they play in hostage so they can tear down their ballparks to build bigger and more expensive parks. Yeah so we can charge $30 for a bleacher seat. All with the blessings of Chris' boy, who refuses to do anything to help the ones who really own this game, and that my friends is the fans.

In my opinion what this game needs more than anything is a Commissioner who is looking out for the best interest of the fans. One who will step in and put a stop to the drug problems. Would use his power to put a stop to the raping of the fans with unheard of prices. Not save that authority to make the Astros open their roof. As much as I hate the Astros, that's a joke. Getting to decide whether or not to open or close the roof is part of having the homefield advantage. You see the Astros had to play the Sox in the middle of a rain storm. If Chris' boy Bud was going to do that, why doesn't he make every team in cold weather cities build a dome stadium.

I guess it goes without saying that I am not a big fan of Chris' boy Bud Selig, who is looking out for one thing and one thing only, and that is the almighty dollar.