Monday, November 21, 2005


You will notice I have once again changed my traditional Cardinal Red font to green. As in Hawaii Rainbows green.

Well just a few days after our fellow blogger Mike, a self proffessed Spartans fan, stated in the comments section of this blog that "he was looking forward MSU to dominating the Big 10 this year." Maybe Tom Izzo and his boys out to start with figuring out how to dominate that tough WAC powerhouse Hawaii. Michigan St. not only lost, but was humiliated by 20 points against the Rainbows.'s Andy Katz writes that there is no need for panic in East Lansing, and compares the similarities to the Spartans choke job against Hawaii, to that of the loss UNC suffered exactly a year ago to the day to Santa Clara. Lest we forget the Spartans played the Rainbows at full strength, while last season the Tar Heels played minus Raymond Felton. He goes on further to say that Hawaii is no slouch and might compete for second in the WAC behind Nevada. What a joke, compete for second behind Nevada in the WAC. Not exactly Duke there Mike.

Well I better shut up considering the Illini struggled with Texas Pan American yesterday, so it appears the Big 10 might be wide open this year.

However, how about those Bears. The defense looks great, the running game is shockingly looking good, and amazingly the O-line looks good as well. Kyle Orton is managing the game. I still have a few worries, our high priced free agent wide out dropped 4 or 5 balls yesterday. Charles Tillman, who I thought was a strong point is gettting burnt on a regular basis.

Big win yesterday that gets us a little respect. I would have much prefered them to remain under the radar, but now let's see if we can win a big game on the road against a good team. Go Bears.

And I never thought I would have ever heard myself say this, but Go Packers.