Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I know Chris is probably going to jump me for saying this, but a few months ago I saw the movie Fahrenheit 9/11. To be quite honest, I thought the movie was all a bunch of BCS, woops I mean BS. However, there was a part of the movie dedicated to the Patriot Act, and after my experience tonight, I believe every word Michael Moore has to say about this suposed Act that protects our freedom. So in this the season to give thanks let me be the first to say how thankful I am for the Patriot Act. Now that I have removed my tounge from my cheek, I will tell what happened to me tonight...

I was driving home from work tonight when I was pulled over by one of Illinois finest state troopers. When he approached my car I noticed that his hand was right on his gun. This did not bother me considering that one of my best friends in the world is a police officer in Decatur, and all the stories of cops shot to death on the road side during routine traffic stops, so I expect them to be ready for anything. I would be if I was in their shoes.

When he gets to the window of my car, he asks for my drivers license and insurance. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. While digging in the glove box for my insurance card I asked him what I considered to be a fair question. "why did you pull me over?" He then, very rudely I might add, told me "he would let me know in a minute". I thought to myself, why does it take a minute to tell me why he pulled me over, he obviously pulled me over for a reason and I thought I had the right to know why. He took my license and insurance card and went back to his squad car, and I waited for what seemed like forever. After a couple of minutes 2 more cops showed up and the three of them talked together for a minute, while I sat there. Then one walked on one side of the car, one in the middle, and one on the other side, all with guns drawn. By now I am I am beginning to get a little worried.

I was then told that I was under arrest, and at gun point pulled from my car and handcuffed. I asked again why I was stopped and why I was under arrest. When I was then told to "shut up." I was searched, handcuffed, and had my rights read to me. I'm sure Chris will attest to the fact that I am not the kind of guy that takes to kindly to being told to shut up. I was sure to let them know how this was BS.

So I stood there handcuffed on the side o the road, while 3 of Illinois' finest searched my car. After finding nothing but a spare tire, a lunch box and a Bible, two of them retreated back to the cop car for several minutes. When they returned, they said to the officer still standing with me that "we have nothing on him, let him go." By now I am really ticked off, and I actually was trying to get them to arrest me. I know the Bible commands us to be "wise as serpents, but as gentle as doves". Well I must confess when the cuffs were removed I was not very gentle, I read them the riot act. The last thing I said was that "you could atleast tell me why I was pulled over in the first place." I was told that I was stopped because I failed to signal when changing lanes. I don't recall if I ever changed lanes, but wasn't sure if I did or not. I said basically you just assumed that I was driving home from work at 10 at night that I had to be up to no good, and wanted to search around and see what you could find.

It was comforting that after violating my constitutional right not to be searched without a warrant or atleast probable cause, that they did wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. I replied that if that ever happened to me again the cops were going to have to use the gans they had drawn, and I meant every word of it. If they do that to me again, they are going to have to shoot me.

Thank the Lord for the Patriot Act.